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Deco-Touch Wall Control

Brand: Vanee

Product Information

Specially designed to meet the ventilation needs of consumers, this digital and modern wall control is compatible with most vänEE air exchangers and offers exceptional value for money. It is easy to use with only 3 buttons and allows the user to select both manual or automatic (dehumidistat) mode for his convenience and for a peace of mind.

In this mode, the air is recirculated inside the house at high speed.

20MIN/H Mode
The ventilation unit exchanges air intermittently on a one-hour cycle as follows: OFF for 40 min. (or recirculation2 on high speed for 40 min.) and then exchanges air during 20 min. on low speed. Repeats cycle after the 20 min. of air exchange for guaranteed energy efficiency and comfort.

MIN Mode
Air is exchanged with the outside at low speed.

MAX Mode
Air is exchanged with the outside at high speed.

In the operating modes listed above, select a dehumidistat override so that if the relative humidity (RH) in the house exceeds the RH setting previously stored, the ventilation unit will exchange at high speed until the target indoor RH setting is reached ensuring ultimate comfort to the homeowner.

Wall control
This digital and modern Decora style wall control features a 1" X 1" LCD screen, offers a digital display with blue backlighting, dynamic exchange and recirculation indicators, an interior relative humidity display as well as a maintenance indicator.


  • VigörTM ERV
  • VigörTM HRV Plus
  • 90H-V ECM
  • Novo+ Series
  • Bronze 60H1
  • Bronze 100H*, 200H* and 90H-V*Series
  • Gold Series
  • HE Series

1 Units built in August 2008 and after.
2 Units built in July 2006 and after.
* Recirculation not available with 100H, 200H and 90H-V units.