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Brand: General Air

Product Information

GeneralAire® Air Cleaners efficiently remove airborne microscopic particulates indoors to leave you with cleaner air so you can breathe healthier!


  • MERV 11 Opti-Fiber Media with low pressure drop characteristics.
  • 22 Gauge, galvanized cabinet with metal door.
  • 75% minimum average efficiency 1.0 to 3.0 microns.
  • 28" Wide X 43" Long X 14 1/2" Tall.
  • Replacement Media: 6FM2025 (GFI #4551). (Change every 6 Months).
  • Adjustable inlet duct opening.
  • Solid cabinet.
  • Made to fit 1-3 or 3.5 ton electric air handlers or gas furnaces.
  • Prevents dust, pet hair, insects, rodents, water or sewer backup from entering furnce.
  • Space saving.
  • Two pull-out doors allow easy access for filter changes.