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Platinum Wall Control

Brand: Vanee

Product Information

rmed using the speed (OFF, MIN or MAX) or during a 20, 30 or 40-minute per hour cycle, according to the user's choice.

In this mode, the user decides to recirculate the air inside his house (OFF, MIN*, MAX or OFF, MAX, according to the unit) up to his needs, for a maximum of indoor comfort. *On selected models only.

Customized to your preference
The Platinum preference set-up mode gives homeowners the freedom to customize the wall control to suit their needs with a choice of blue or green backlight, an indoor and outdoor temperature display, a choice of temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celcius and a setting of HRV shut-off temperature to enhance home comfort and improves energy efficiency. (PROG)


  • VigörTM ERV
  • VigörTM HRV Plus
  • Bronze 60H1
  • 90H-V ECM
  • Novo+ Series
  • Gold Series
  • HE Series2

1 Units built in August 2008 and after.
2 Units built in July 2006 and after.