Carrier 33PILOT-01 3V™ System Pilot

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Carrier 33PILOT-01 3V™ System Pilot

Brand: Carrier

Operator Interface

Local Wall-Mounted User Interface and Configuration Tool for all Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN) Communicating Devices

The System Pilot is a component of Carrier’s 3V control system and serves as the user-interface and configuration tool for all Carrier communicating devices. The System Pilot can be used to install and commission a 3V zoning system, linkage compatible air source, universal controller, and all other devices operating on the Carrier communicating network.

The System Pilot can serve as a wall mounted temperature sensor for space temperature measurement. The occupant can use the System Pilot to change set points and cause occupancy overrides. A security feature is provided to limit access of features for unauthorized users.

The System Pilot consists of a backlit alphanumeric Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with adjustable contrast and backlighting. It features six pushbuttons and two rotary knobs with pushbuttons that allow the user to navigate through the menus, select desired options, and modify data.

Zone Occupant User Interface

  • Modify zone operating set points during occupied and unoccupied modes
  • Provide occupancy override capability
  • Display local occupancy status
  • Display current operating mode

System Interface

  • Communicate with Carrier network devices
  • Access configuration, maintenance, service, set point, time schedule, alarm history and status data in Carrier network devices
  • Force and auto points in Carrier network devices
  • Modify address of Carrier network devices
  • Modify time/date in Carrier network devices
  • Display metric or customary U.S. units
  • Allow four security levels
  • Support foreign language

Carrier Communicating Network System

  • Broadcast time/date and holiday status
  • Support 30 holidays with holiday broadcast
  • Generate network alarm messages for trouble conditions
  • Provide capability to fully commission 3V zoning, air sources and Universal Controllers

Control and Monitoring

  • Display or send space temperature to a specified Carrier network device
  • Modify set points in Carrier network devices
  • Allow display of master zone controller bus scan information
  • Display outdoor-air temperature as received from the network
  • Provide two types of 3V zone controller access via dedicated local bus or via network bus


  • Can be mounted into a standard 2 x 4-in. junction box
  • Optional wall plates are also available that allow for flush mounting or for retrofit applications