Carrier 33ZCT59SPT

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Carrier 33ZCT59SPT

Brand: Carrier


Space Temperature Sensor with Override, Setpoint Adjust and Digital Display

The T-59 Space Temperature Sensor with Override and Setpoint Adjustment is a wall-mount sensor for use with the Carrier Zoning system.

The sensor contains a custom Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that indicates room temperature and setpoint offset. The sensor also features an override button and temperature offset adjustment provided for control of features in the device to which the sensor is connected.

Field programmable options include temperature display in ºF or ºC, temperature adjustment, setpoint display range, and setpoint lockout.


  • Sleek, low profile complementing any interior decor
  • Push-button override
  • Accurate temperature sensing
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Elimination of drift and calibration
  • Digital display of temperature and setpoints
  • Single unit user interface operation
  • Space temperature display from on-board thermistor
  • Ability to program setpoint or setpoint offset display to match controller
  • Occupancy override