Rent From The Experts

Rental water heater facts:

  • You are not renting your water heater from the “Gas Company”
  • Enbridge™ sold the water heater portfolio to Centrica, an international energy services company based in the United Kingdom which operated in Canada under the brand name Direct Energy™, recently it was sold again to Enercare™. They bill on the gas bill, and they picked a name that may lead you to believe they are part of Enbridge™, but they are not in any way affiliated with the Enbridge™ gas utility.
  • Union Gas™ does not own Reliance Home Comfort™. Union Gas sold their rental business, Reliance Home Comfort™, which is now owned by Alinda Capital Partners, a U.S. based capital fund.
  • You have a Choice There is nothing stopping you from getting a new energy efficient rental water heater from Air Point Heating & Cooling.
  • Your water heater rental rate has gone up… A LOT! Check your bills, chances are your rate went up by over 10% in 2010 and has increased by an average of 5.5% per year over the past 20 years!

Why Rent From Air Point Heating & Cooling

  • LOCAL SERVICE IS BETTER SERVICE! Air Point operates in your community and will be there, promptly, when needed.
  • FULLY TRANSFERABLE The rental is transferred to the new homeowner should you sell your home.
  • BILLED ON YOUR GAS BILL! Just like Enercare™, your Air Point rental water heater can be conveniently billed on your gas billor on P.A.P. where payments on the gas bill are not available.
  • HASSLE FREE TANK REPLACEMENT Air Point will return your old tank.
  • LOW RATES & RATE INCREASE PROTECTION Not only will you get a great rental rate from Air Point, the rate will be protected with a 2.5% rate increase guarantee