7 Ways to Cool Your House

7 Ways to Cool Your House

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7 Ways to Cool Your House

The summer is finally here, and along with it comes the heat and humidity. Life can be a drag when the heat is up, and there’s no escape from it. If you’re finding yourself indoors more often than not, we have seven tips to help cool your home. Keep cool during this time of year and enjoy a lower electric bill by using these tips.

1. Make use of the Blinds

The heat waves can be a killer. So why not keep your cool by keeping the blinding sun out of your house? You probably don’t want to have any uncomfortable guests, so you should do everything in your power to make it comfortable for yourself and those around you. One way is simple: close all doors and windows if they’re facing the sun’s direction. Likewise, this will prevent about 30% of the light from coming through unprotected areas!

2. Invest in Insulating Curtains

Block out more of the sun’s heat to save on energy costs and live a more comfortable life! Invest in insulated curtains, also known as blackout curtains. Once installed, they will block out the sunlight that builds heat inside your home all day long. Their plastic-backed polyester construction material is neutral-colored to prevent clashing with any of your décor or furniture.

3. Create a Cold Front

As the hot summer rolls in, it is crucial to be prepared for when your air conditioning inevitably quits. If it does, you can use a bowl of ice and some water as an alternative cooling system that won’t break the bank. Place this “ice cube” in front of a fan blowing towards iced cubes. As such, this will create what’s called an evaporator cooler which circulates cold mist throughout the room! The metal bowls work best because they stay cool longer. However, don’t forget to prepare beforehand by filling up the freezer before using it the next day.

4. Adjust the Ceiling Fan

Have you ever noticed how much a ceiling fan can make the temperature of a room feel lower? During these hot summer months, your ceiling fan should be set to spin in an anti-clockwise direction at high speed. Likewise, this will create that cool breeze we all love to enjoy on those humid days.

5. Make Use of other Fans

We all know the summer heat can be unbearable. We also know how hard it is to cool down our homes with only stand-alone fans and ceiling fans as options. Luckily, there are other home appliances for us to use to help lower temperatures inside our house or apartment building! For instance, after a hot shower, why not switch on your bathroom exhaust fan? Doing this will suck out excess humidity from the air.  The same goes for kitchen exhausts; this simple change can make cooking less heated by removing heat generated by stoves or ovens.

6. Put Your Windows to Work

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room and feeling like the air is on fire. To cool things down, try this technique with two open windows: Put your box fan in one window facing outwards to force all of that hot air out. Then drape a damp sheet over the other window so you can do some replacement cooling!

7. Take Advantage of the Night Air

It’s not always about the temperature, but your comfort. The best way to stay cool is with a brand-new air conditioning unit from Air Point Heating & Cooling! We have all of the latest gadgets and tools to help you find relief in this summer heatwave.

The summer heat is often unbearable, and you if can’t stand the sweltering temperatures, there’s a way to escape it. Buying an air conditioning unit might be your best choice for staying cool in hot weather. If you want relief from the suns scorching heat this season, call us today!

Bonus Tip

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