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What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are highly efficient systems for heating and cooling homes. They operate by transferring heat, using a refrigerant cycle to extract heat from outside air in winter and reverse the process in summer. This energy-efficient method is particularly suited for Toronto’s diverse climate, offering consistent comfort even during Canada’s colder temperatures. As eco-friendly alternatives to traditional heating systems, heat pumps are an excellent choice for conscientious homeowners.

Choose the best heat pump for your home​

Learn how to select the perfect heat pump, with a focus on energy efficiency, appropriate sizing, and cutting-edge features to ensure year-round home comfort.

Modern high-efficiency heat pump installed in a residential home, reflecting a clean and contemporary setting.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial in selecting a heat pump. Choose units with high SEER and HSPF ratings, with SEER above 16 indicating high efficiency. These ratings ensure better performance and lower energy costs. High-efficiency models also reduce environmental impact through advanced technology.

Size and Capacity

Correct sizing is vital. An undersized unit struggles to maintain comfortable temperatures, while an oversized one wastes energy. Professional sizing assessments should consider factors such as home size, insulation quality, and local climate. Roughly, a home typically requires 20 BTUs per square foot for heating and cooling.

Features and Compatibility

Modern heat pumps come with advanced features like programmable thermostats, variable speed motors, and smart home integration. These features enhance home comfort and control, leading to increased energy efficiency and convenience. For example, smart home connectivity allows for automated adjustments based on daily routines, optimizing energy usage.

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Heat Pump Types

Learn more about the three main types of heat pumps and find the right one for you.

What’s The Best Heat Pump For You?

Follow these recommendations to choose the best size heat pump for your home to optimize it’s energy efficiency and lifespan.

Tip: A licensed technician should measure the size of your new heat pump to avoid issues with humidity and temperature imbalance post install.

What are the Different Types of Heat Pumps?

It is important to choose the right type of heat pump based on your family's needs, your living space, and your budget.

Air-Source Heat Pump

Geothermal Heat Pump


Rent or Buy

The cost of a heat pump system can vary significantly, and it's essential to consider various factors when deciding between buying and renting.

Should you rent or buy?

To make the right decision to buy or rent your heat pump, ensure you know what equipment you’re purchasing, total cost of ownership and maintenance requirements.


The size of your heat pump significantly affects the cost. Larger systems cost more than smaller ones. It's crucial to get expert advice to ensure the right-sized system for your home's efficiency and comfort.


Advanced features like variable-speed compressors and variable-capacity blowers improve efficiency but come at a higher cost compared to standard units. Consider your efficiency needs when choosing.

Personal Choices

Additional options such as extended warranties, maintenance plans, and service guarantees can increase the overall cost. Factor these into your budget.

Number of Units

Creating a multi-zone climate with multiple mini-split systems or heating a large home may require more than one unit, increasing costs.

Renting vs. Owning

Owning a heat pump requires a significant upfront investment, while renting is a cost-effective option for those concerned about upfront costs.



When you’re ready to explore heat pump options, consult an AirPoint Consultant. They’ll assess your needs and help you choose the right solution for your budget.



Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Explore the dual benefits of heat pumps: their superior energy efficiency through key ratings like SEER and HSPF, and their significant environmental advantages, from reducing emissions to promoting sustainable energy use.

Energy Efficiency

Discover how heat pumps excel in energy usage, featuring essential metrics like SEER, HSPF, and COP that illuminate their cost and energy efficiency.

Thermometer entwined with a green leaf symbolizing eco-friendly temperature control.

Efficiency Ratings

SEER (above 20) signifies superior cooling efficiency, while HSPF (8-10) indicates efficient heating. COP reflects high heating output relative to energy use, particularly effective in moderate climates.

Upfront Costs

While initial purchase and installation costs of heat pumps can be higher than traditional heating systems, models with better efficiency ratings, though more costly, often lead to significant savings in the long run.

This image creatively represents the journey of investing in a heat pump, highlighting the higher initial cost but emphasizing the substantial savings over time. Through falling coins and an ascending graph, it visually narrates the story of how energy-efficient heat pumps can lead to decreased utility bills, making it a wise investment for the future.

Operating Costs

Generally, a higher SEER and HSPF rating mean lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs, making them more cost-effective compared to less efficient heating and cooling systems.

Environmental Impact

Uncover the eco-friendly advantages of heat pumps, from reducing carbon emissions to harnessing renewable energy, demonstrating their role in a sustainable future.

Heat pump with solar and wind energy symbols.

Renewable Energy Compatibility

Heat pumps excel with renewable energy sources like solar or wind, significantly enhancing their eco-friendly impact and further diminishing environmental footprints.

Heat pump and declining carbon emissions graph.

Lower Carbon Emissions​

Heat pumps reduce electricity usage, shrinking carbon emissions linked to home climate control. They pivot heating from fossil fuels to cleaner energy, contributing substantially to greenhouse gas reduction.

Depicts a heat pump next to a graph showing reduced carbon emissions, highlighting the environmental benefits of switching to energy-efficient climate control solutions.


Ductless heat pumps enable precise temperature control in different home zones, minimizing energy waste. Their long lifespan of 15-20 years also means fewer replacements, conserving resources and enhancing sustainability.

Sizing and Installation

Selecting the right size and ensuring professional installation are key factors in the successful operation of heat pumps. This section explains their significance and the steps involved.

Determining the Right Size

Proper sizing of a heat pump is essential for efficient heating and cooling. It involves assessing the home's square footage, insulation quality, local climate, and usage needs to find the ideal unit size, avoiding the pitfalls of under or oversizing.

Professional Installation

The installation process demands expertise to ensure the heat pump operates at its best. It includes evaluating the home's layout, installing the unit correctly, and making sure all connections, including ductwork and electrical, are properly set up.

Post-Installation Considerations

After installation, regular maintenance checks are important for ongoing efficiency. Educating homeowners on effective use and upkeep of the heat pump is also crucial for long-term performance and energy savings.

Maintenance and Longevity

Proper maintenance is crucial for ensuring the longevity and efficiency of heat pumps. This section provides maintenance tips and insights into the typical lifespan of these systems, along with highlighting AirPoint’s services.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters and checking system components, is vital. This not only ensures efficient operation but also prevents potential issues.

Professional Servicing

Annual professional check-ups are recommended to maintain optimal performance. Services like AirPoint offer comprehensive maintenance solutions to keep your heat pump in top condition.

Lifespan expectations

With proper care and regular servicing, heat pumps can have a long operational life, often up to 15-20 years. Understanding and adhering to maintenance schedules is key to maximizing this lifespan.

Heat pump system integrated with solar panels and wind turbines.

Tip: Replace your filters at least once a month, if not more often for optimal efficiency.

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Heat Pump Rebates

AirPoint offers rebates up to $6,500 for installing energy-efficient ductless and hybrid heat pumps, making green heating solutions more affordable.

Heat Pump Rebates

Ductless heat pump installation in a modern home.

Ductless Heat Pump Rebate

Ideal for homes without ductwork, these pumps offer efficient heating and cooling, with a rebate of up to $6,500.

Hybrid heat pump system combining electric and gas power.

Hybrid Heat Pump Solution

Combining an electric heat pump with a gas furnace, this system provides year-round comfort, also qualifying for up to $6,500 in rebates.

AirPoint offers rebates up to $6,500 for installing energy-efficient ductless and hybrid heat pumps, making green heating solutions more affordable.

Government Rebates and Incentives

Toronto and Ontario offer rebates and incentives for heat pump installations, reducing your initial costs. Stay updated on these programs for potential savings.


Initial Consultation

Our advisor will assess your home's heating and cooling requirements, ensuring you choose the most suitable heat pump system.


Energy Audit

Following professional installation, an energy audit by a licensed advisor will optimize your home's efficiency.

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Rebate Processing

Complete a final assessment with our advisor, who will assist with the rebate paperwork.


Choosing the Right Heat Pump

For Toronto's diverse weather, choosing a heat pump that balances energy efficiency and cold-weather suitability is key.

Hiring a Contractor for your maintenance needs

Toronto and Ontario offer rebates and incentives for heat pump installations, reducing your initial costs. Stay updated on these programs for potential savings.

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Featured Models

Explore models like Carrier Infinity® Series GC, Goodman Split Heat Pump, and Mitsubishi MR.SLIM FS on our website. These are chosen for their high efficiency and performance in cold temperatures.

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Cost vs. Performance

It's important to balance the initial investment against long-term benefits. While premium models may have a higher upfront cost, their advanced features and efficiency can lead to substantial savings in energy bills over time.

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Seasonal Adaptability

Choose a heat pump in Toronto for efficient winter heating and summer cooling. Look for models with strong defrost cycles for cold months and energy-efficient operation for warmer periods, ensuring comfort and energy savings throughout the year.

Tip: : In the summer, set your thermostat a few degrees higher when you’re not at home. This small change won’t affect your comfort but can significantly reduce your energy bills.



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FAQs: Understanding Heat Pumps

Get quick answers on heat pump efficiency, operation, maintenance, and rebates in this brief but informative FAQ section, ideal for those exploring heat pump options.

Yes, modern heat pumps are designed to be effective in both the cold winters and warm summers of Toronto.

Heat pumps can significantly reduce your energy bills due to their high efficiency, especially when compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Regular annual maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Yes, various rebates and incentives are often available for heat pump installations. Check local programs for specific details.

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