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Need a water heater repair? We can help.

Get an often same day diagnosis or water heater repair by a licensed AirPoint technician on any make or model.

Why choose us for your water heater repair?

See what our recent customers have to say about our 5 star Toronto water heater repair services!

Tony Chen
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"I was skeptical about using a new water heater repair company, but I am so glad I chose AirPoint. They were quick, efficient, and most importantly, they fixed the issue. I can't thank them enough. Their customer support called me the next day to follow up and make sure everything was fine.
Mark Lebovic
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AirPoint came out in short-notice only a few hours after I called them. My water heater had started leaking and I needed emergency service. They were very professional and were able to come out and fix it for me the same day.
Jason Ratner
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"I was having some issues with my water heater found AirPoint online. The team at AirPoint was able to quickly diagnose my water heater issue. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of water heater repair.
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"I was having some major issues with my water heater and was starting to get really worried. It was making strange noises, not heating water properly, and just generally acting up. It turns out there was a problem with the heating element and they were able to replace it quickly, Highly recommend.
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They were able to come out the same day and fix the issue in no time. It turns out there was a build-up of sediment in the tank, causing the water heater to malfunction. The team at AirPoint was able to flush out the tank and get everything working again.

Choose the water heater repair option best fit for you:

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One-Time Service Call

We offer one-time water heater repair visits starting at $90 (+HST). All of our licensed technicians are fully stocked to solve many furnace problems instantly

What’s Included:

  • Expert diagnosis by a certified AirPoint Technician
  • Honest consultation on best options, next steps and a quote
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Anytime Protection Plan

Sign up to our AirProtect™ plan and get your water heater repair for just $149. All future water heater repair and maintenance needs will be fully covered year-round for $23.99/month.

What’s Included:

  • Free water heater repair upon sign-up of plan for repair costs of up to $600*.
  • Unlimited service calls and future repairs are free (parts and labour included)

Already on a plan? Schedule your priority water heater repair.

If you are already on the AirProtect plan, you can easily schedule your water heater service repair by contacting us today.

Service you can trust.

We have over 20 years of experience with home water heater repairs in Toronto.

Service you can trust.

We have over 20 years of experience with home water heater repairs in Toronto.

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Why choose Air Point?

With AirPoint, you’ll get value, quality and best-in-class water heater repair services from industry-leading HVAC contractors. You’ll also get:

No Sub-Contractors

Every water heater repair is performed by an expert AirPoint technician with rigorous quality-control.

Great Customer Service

From pre-consult to follow up, our care team ensures you experience a market-leading water heater repair.

Parts & Labour Warranty

Have your water heater parts covered for 10 years on every purchase, with the option to extend labour coverage.

Anytime Protection Plan

We focus on keeping the health of your water heater top of mind with flexible plans that have you covered year-round.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer a range of purchase, rental and financing options, so you can find the plan that work best for you.

Ready for your water heater repair?

Get in touch with an AirPoint water heater repair expert.

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Common water heater repair issues:

Water Temperature

A faulty thermostat or heating element is the most common cause of this problem. Reset the tripped circuit breakers, make sure the power switches are on and ensure your thermostat receives power.

Leaking water

A common cause of a water leak is loose bolts or a leaking tank. Try to tighten any obvious loose plumbing connections or heating element bolts and check for leaks around the tank.

Discolored water​

Corrosion of the inner lining of your tank can lead to rusty water, which is often caused by failing rods. Replacing the rod may be necessary to fix this issue.

Unusual sounds

Water heaters usually make odd noises due to sediment build-up. Your water heater may need to be flushed to resolve this issue.

Faulty burner​

If the burner of a water heater is dirty or non-functional, the water won’t heat. It may be necessary to replace the thermocouple or gas control assembly that has been damaged.

Low water pressure​

A common cause of low water pressure is due to narrow pipes. Pipes in older homes are usually 1/2” while modern homes are 3/4”. This issue may be resolved by installing wider pipes.

Need a new water heater?

Buy or rent a modern, high-efficiency water heater from AirPoint.

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