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Need a boiler repair? We can help.

Get an often same day diagnosis or repair by one of our licensed technicians on any boiler make or model.

Choose the boiler repair option best fit for you:

One-Time Service Call

We offer one-time boiler repair visits starting at $90 (+HST). All of our licensed technicians are fully stocked to solve many furnace problems instantly

What’s Included:

  • Expert diagnosis by a certified AirPoint Technician
  • Honest consultation on best options, next steps and a quote

Anytime Protection Plan

Sign up to our AirProtect™ plan and get your boiler fixed for just $149. All future boiler repair and maintenance needs will be fully covered year-round for $23.99/month.

What’s Included:

  • Free boiler repair upon sign-up of plan for repair costs of up to $600*.
  • Unlimited service calls and future repairs are free (parts and labour included)

Already on a plan? Schedule your priority repair.

If you are already on the AirProtect plan, you can easily schedule your boiler service repair by contacting us today.

Service you can trust.

We have over 20 years of experience with home boiler repairs in Ontario.

Service you can trust.

We have over 20 years of experience with home boiler repairs in Ontario.

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Why choose Air Point?

With AirPoint, you’ll get value, quality and best-in-class services that you can trust from industry-leading HVAC professionals. You’ll also get:

No Sub-Contractors

Every installation is performed by an in-home installer and every install comes with a rigorous quality-control post-install

Great Customer Service

From pre-consult to mid-install to follow up, our care team will ensure you have the best experience possible.

Parts & Labour Warranty

Have your parts covered for 10 years on every purchase, with the option to extend labour coverage.

Anytime Protection Plan

Let us focus on keeping the health of ur equipment top of mind with our flexible plans that have you covered year-round

Flexible Payment Options

We offer a range of purchase, rental and financing options, so you can find the plan that work best for you.

Ready for your repair?

Get in touch with one of our boiler experts.

Group 253

Common boiler issues:


The most common cause of boiler leaks is a malfunctioning pressure valve or pump seal, indicating that your system’s pressure has potentially risen too high.

Low pressure

System leaks or failed components can lead to low boiler pressure. Check for visible leaks and ensure your boiler’s pressure is set to 1.5 bars. The boiler casings should not be removed.

No heating or hot water

Low pressure is a common cause of this problem.Make sure your pressure gauge is below 1. If so, it may need repressurization.

Frozen condensate pipe

Your boiler’s condensate pipes transport it to your outside drain.A blockage can occur if the pipe freezes during cold weather, causing the condensate to revert back up into the boiler.

Faulty radiator

Heat can be unevenly distributed in radiators when there is a build-up of air or sludge. This is an issue that can be resolved by bleeding the radiator

Unusual sounds

Noise from the boiler when starting up or operating is normal. If you hear banging or whistling sounds, this may indicate air in the system, a faulty pump, or low water pressure.

Need a new boiler?

Buy or rent a modern, high-efficiency boiler from AirPoint

Common brands we work with: