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Air Conditioning Tips to Keep Cool And Cut Down On Costs This Summer

Air Conditioning Tips to Keep Cool

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Ah, summer’s joys: long afternoons at a beach, sunset barbecues, and baseball! Many of us can only endure the heat for a short time, especially in the Greater Toronto area. Extreme heat can make it uncomfortable for many people. Scorching temperatures could be life-threatening for children, seniors, and those with certain conditions. Working, exercising, or even sleeping in these hot areas would be uncomfortable without air conditioning.

Air conditioning has changed how we live and work. Air conditioners, like all machines with many moving parts, require routine maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Still, the comfort and convenience air conditioning provides at a cost: of $29 billion a year to the 75 percent of homeowners who have an A/C unit!

Learn more about saving money by paying close attention to your A/C unit’s routine maintenance. Likewise, use the guide below to learn the simple ways you can reduce the costs of A/C while staying cool all summer.

3 Quick Preventative A/C Maintenance Tips

Don’t have the time, know-how, or desire to maintain your system? Call us now if your air conditioner system has stopped cooling or isn’t performing well! Above all, set up a time for our local HVAC technician to visit your house and perform preventative maintenance before the busy summer.

1. Clean or change your air filter
Did you know air indoors is two to three times more polluted than outdoor air? It’s an alarming statistic, especially considering that 90% of people spend their time indoors. Furthermore, air filters are responsible for removing harmful pollutants from your home’s air. But these helpful filters need to be cleaned.

Likewise, your air conditioner can be reduced by as much as 15% by changing or cleaning your filter every 30 days. Remember to keep track of each air filter cleaning or replacement as part of your home HVAC maintenance routine.

2. Clear the Drainage Line
Humidity is a significant factor in how hot you feel. Heat temperatures can feel even more extreme at 100 percent humidity. Likewise, clearing your drainage line is the key to maximizing your A/C unit’s de-humidification ability. With a shop vacuum, remove all debris. Pour a cup of vinegar into the access opening to prevent mildew, mold, or algae from building up.

3. Clear Obstructions Around The Condenser Unit
The condenser unit is usually outside and can become clogged with debris and loose vegetation. As such, it should be cleared at least twice per month. Likewise, you can also mark it on the calendar to keep your HVAC preventative maintenance routine up-to-date.

5 Ways To Save Money This Summer on Air Conditioning

Nearly 50 percent of the energy used in a typical home is for cooling and heating. As such, these HVAC energy efficiency tips can help keep cooling costs low in summer.

1. Install a Smart Thermostat
A smart thermostat automates temperature control and can save you hundreds of dollars annually. Learn more about innovative home technology and HVAC technology.

2. Adjust the temperature
Do you want to save 10% on your summer AC bill? If so, the thermostat dial can be re-positioned by a few degrees. This setting is ideal for hot months and can significantly reduce your bill.

3. Turn on the Ceiling Fan
Ceiling fans provide wind chill benefits. In addition, they can also be used to reduce the temperature by a few degrees.

4. Purchase Energy Efficient Windows
Windows can be substantial energy consumers and can significantly impact your cooling needs by up to 30%. In other words, you can get huge returns by paying the upfront cost of Energy Star Windows.

5. Seal any Cracks in Windows and Doors
Think of your home as an envelope, keeping its contents inside—including cool air. As a result, a gap of as little as eighteen inches can let in as much heat as a hole of 2.4 inches. Sealing leaks with weather stripping or caulk is easy. You are losing your money if a dollar bill can still slip through.

5 Easy Tips To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Air Conditioner

Central A/C units last approximately 20 years. These quick tips help make the most of your AC unit and lifespan and possibly add a few more.

1. Call HVAC Techs to Schedule Regular Check-Ups
Regular HVAC maintenance increases A/C efficiency. Routine HVAC maintenance is usually less expensive than replacing or fixing the problem. Likewise, a lack of care typically leads to the contributing factor in the failure of HVAC equipment.

2. Don’t blast your A/C
A smart thermostat is an excellent investment to control the temperature while you’re at work or asleep. It’s tempting to turn the thermostat down on a hot summer afternoon. Don’t! It’s not needed and will only increase your utility bill. Choosing a realistic level to set your thermostat will maximize your air conditioning energy savings.

3. Installing the Air Conditioning Unit In A Cool Location
For instance, it’s not a good idea for your air conditioner equipment to sit directly in the sun. The A/C unit should be placed in an area with shade. Your unit will work more efficiently because the temperature of the localized air is lower. In addition, this will also extend its life span.

4. Energy Saving Blinds Keep the Heat Out
Although the sun shining through your windows may be beautiful, it can cause higher cooling costs. The sun heats your indoor spaces. Use energy-saving blinds to keep the heat outside.

5. Give Your Unit a Break
Who doesn’t love a little downtime once in a while? Even HVAC equipment needs some rest. Turn it off on summer and fall days when you don’t need it.

4 Signs Your Home Air Conditioner Requires Service

A failing air conditioner during summer can be a nuisance and uncomfortable. Likewise, it’s usually preventable. You should look for signs to determine if it’s time to get an HVAC checkup.

1. Noisy Operation
HVAC systems aren’t usually silent. You need to call an HVAC technician to troubleshoot your home’s A/C if it is making loud noises.

2. Rapid Cycling
Is your air conditioner suddenly switching on and off rapidly? When this occurs, it could indicate an issue related to your thermostat or wiring. It could be a problem known as a “rapid cycling condition.”

3. Rising Monthly Utility Costs
Suppose your electric bill has been increasing steadily over the summer. In that case, it could signify it is time to replace or repair it. As such, you’ll save money long-term by replacing your HVAC unit with a more efficient one.

4. Poor Cooling Capacity
If your air conditioner is blowing, but you don’t feel cooler, it might be time to get maintenance. As such the heat can cause AC components to fail. Dirty or clogged duct-work or filters could block air flow and cause the evaporator coils to freeze.

Season-Ready your A/C Unit

These tips and tricks will ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently and effectively all summer. Maintaining your HVAC system is vital to your comfort during the summer months. Likewise, our qualified HVAC technicians ensure it is in top condition throughout the summer. Likewise, HVAC maintenance in the spring keeps the AC unit efficient. You can always count on Air Point Heating & Cooling.

Suppose you don’t feel comfortable performing this maintenance yourself. It would be best to consider calling us. Our qualified HVAC technicians have all received the appropriate training. Likewise, they have the necessary equipment to do the task. When you call us, we will do all our power to save you money at every stage of your repair.

Furthermore, Our objective at Air Point is to make things simple for our customers. Let us immediately take care of your home’s heating and cooling requirements! We are a full-service HVAC contractor in Toronto. For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 905-597-4933 or 416-893-4933.

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