Airpoint Inc Honored with the HomeStar Award Third Time in a Row

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Air, Air All Around!
Pure, fresh and refreshing air; just as the natural air you breathe in.

Air Point Heating and Cooling Inc. set such examples of victory that are hard to achieve by just any other firm in the HVAC sector. It took us great fifteen years of generous efforts, a dedicated management team as well as a good strategic approach to reach up to this level. Our learning approach towards customer expectations concerning their cooling and heating products/services has also significantly contributed to our success in the industry.

We are an all-inclusive HVAC installation firm that deals in versatile designs, installation, repair and tending. Our heating, ventilation and air condition installation experts are highly proficient and certified individuals with over a decade’s exposure in the area. The technicians employed under our roof integrate up-to-the-minute tools and techniques to check and preserve your resources. At Airpoint, we are always in quest of deploying high-quality equipment and kits both for whole installations and reparation and give 100% guarantee that vouches for our proficiency.

Why we’re your go-to HVAC contractors?

We have been awarded the best HVAC company award across Toronto by the renowned HomeStar Awards. Since the very start, HomeStar has allied the service users with the most reliable and proficient companies and professionals for their projects related to home installations and care. Needless to debate that HomeStar reviews are perceived as the most
genuine ones and clients residing in Canada reach out to HomeStar instantaneously whenever in need to hire a reputed, certified company for their home services.

We take pride in announcing our third win in a row as the best home equipment, heater and air conditioner installer in Canada. This success has been attributed to our passionate team of technicians, who use state-of-the-art techniques and exhibit integrity, constituency and
unmatched customer service.

We have backed this tale of success and the awards won at HomeStar by our clients’ testimonials. We have attained an Average Customer Rating of 9.9 points out of 10. The service users who have already availed our services, mention the exceptional customer service and prompt response we exhibit at all times. Korslava, one of our clients reviewed us at HomeStar, quoting: “Great reliable job and professional service, arrived in the time frame promised over the phone.” Whereas, Gurbikroma mentioned, “Excellent customer service, with great price and quality of work. Thank you for great service!”

You can find countless reviews of the same kind about us on HomeStar’s official web page.

HomeStar: Best of HVACs in 2018, two times winner.

According to HomeStar, winners that are honored with the “best service awards” demonstrate exceptional customer service, with an average score of 10 out of 10 during their winning year. Not just they earn amazing reviews from the users, they also showcase outstanding gratitude
by taking the time to respond to each review.

In a leading role of its sorts, Airpoint Heating and Cooling Inc also deal in ventilation, water heating, fireplaces and other systems. We are in fact, among the highly recommended and eminent HVAC incorporations across Canada. The air conditioning, ventilation and heating technology is the one that enhances the indoors with an automated environment regulating feature. This eventually brings in invigorating air to set a blend of temperature control along with a “near to pure climate” sensation.

Our air conditioning and heating equipment are few of the most power-efficient ones currently being offered in the industry. Our brand’s philosophy revolves around ecological optimization as well as conservation of power, thus our product line exhibits it. Other than air conditioning and heating, Airpoint Inc also presents ductless air conditioning as a contemporary and ecologically optimized source of bringing in the fresh air. Besides, our real-time and lasting furnace mending services are one of the best sellers. Finally, the Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair provides countless opportunities to stay indoors in healthy surroundings having around all the replicated elements of nature. Toronto had never been this soothing!

Concisely, apart from achieving the HomeStar milestone and being Toronto’s favorite commercial contractor for as long as 15 years, we have received several awards such as being a certified merchant of Carrier, where we have showcased utmost supremacy over other providers of Carrier. Although, its quite a delight to be rewarded with big awards, honors that hold the greatest importance are those given by our Toronto clients. We aspire to persist this triumph and provide our customers with the utmost ease and convenience.

Trust the experts

Trust the experts

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