Operations at Airpoint Persist Despite COVID-19

Operations at Airpoint Persist Despite COVID-19

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As the extensive and sweeping effects of COVID-19 take over the global news and the world’s attention,
we have been experiencing and feeling the same sense of concern, fear, unease and instability. Definitely, in a catastrophe, the mental circumstance of us humans appear just to aggravate the already and indeed tough conditions, turning out as a big challenge in itself. Why we are feeling this and how can we overcome it? As an owner of a firm that is always on the quest to achieve the highest ease and satisfaction of customers, let me invest my two cents on how a human feels when a crisis, as big as a global pandemic, occurs.

After researching through Hougaard’s recent article on the global COVID-19 pandemic, I have got to learn that even with a continuous stream of threatening and bothersome information, a human’s mind has an innate propensity to be distracted. Their new research on the theme revealed that 58 percent of employees reported an incapability to put their focus on their jobs. As the brain suffers, studies have revealed that it is easy to get stuck in the streams of adverse and pervasive thoughts.

During the conditions of an emergency – like that we are witnessing right now – this propensity is aggravated, and thus we can turn out as even more stuck into negative thoughts, together with the sense of fear and feebleness. This is one of the reasons we have found ourselves writing this narrative for you, to express that even when you’re isolated at your dear home, we can make it into a comfy, a much better place for you!

We at Airpoint Inc have also been feeling this sense of distress since the far-fetching spread of COVID-19 has started to deteriorate the conditions in the US and Canada. However, it took us a ponder to decide not to rest our operations for the good of our clients.

We know that as one becomes hooked to their home, even more than he/she had ever been, the need to have a restful environment augments to its highest, where, air conditioners and heaters become lifesavers! Keeping in view this need of our customers, we have settled on continuing our operations throughout, however with the utmost precautions and safety. At Airpoint, we acknowledge your need to get someone to have your back, hus our constant on-call availability for any of your air-conditioner, heater, controllers, ductwork and furnaces-related concerns.

Employees and businesses across the nation are in identical dire situations as customers go intosocial distancing to overcome the blowout of COVID-19 and adhere to regulations – and in many areas – to remain at home. Government officials in many areas have asked citizens to “shelter in place” until next announced, permitting just the companies that offer “essential” services to remain operational. Keeping in view the “essence” of temperature control during this season, Airpoint Heating and Cooling services remain active.

Apart from customer wellbeing, another motivation that encourages us to persist operations is our sense of responsibility towards the economy.

We suppose, as one of the leading firms in the HVAC sector across Canada, we at Airpoint are obliged to continue business so we don’t deliberately stop the flow of money transition and contribute to the American and Canadian economy. Research by OCED claims that the service sector significantly contributes to the Gross Domestic Product in almost every country, giving employment, investment and public services for the economy. Hence, Airpoint persists operations based on the fact that the exchange of services can save the economic output andsecure our country from another fiasco. Apart from this, Consumer spending is the most
essential factor in the Economy of Canada. Whilst many businesses have shut their doors, we are still providing constant online and domestic support with the highest protections.

How will we do that?

In case you need on-call support regarding HVAC equipment, our customer support specialists will be more than available to promptly provide you with suitable bits of advice regarding your concerns. If you want us to visit you for installation, our technicians will arrive right at your doorstep to install our products for you. Nothing to hesitate, as they shall be safely covered and will disinfect themselves on arrival to prevent any possible spread of bacteria. Thus, all you need to do is ring us once and we will reach out to you in a matter of minutes.

We wish you a safe quarantine!

Hougaard, R. (2020). Build Your Resilience in the Face of a Crisis. Harvard Business Review.
Retrieved 16 April 2020, from hbr.org/2020/03/build-your-resiliency-in-the-face-of-a-crisis.

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