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10 Reasons Why a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Schedule is Crucial this Winter

10 Reasons Why A Commercial HVAC Maintenance Schedule

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Eliminate the inconvenience of HVAC Breakdowns

When you own a business, you must know how to keep your commercial HVAC systems running. Eliminate the inconvenience caused by poor heating system breakdowns with a commercial HVAC maintenance schedule. As a Commercial HVAC company, our professionals ensure your system stays worry-free. Provide your customers with the cleanest and best quality air they can enjoy.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance service ensures your systems are in excellent working order. When you take on this responsibility yourself, it is easy to forget important tasks. Some of these include winterizing mechanical and electrical equipment and cleaning ductwork. The best way to avoid missing these critical tasks is to have a professional maintain them for you. Commercial HVAC maintenance is very affordable.

While business owners want their equipment to be reliable, energy conservation is essential. As such, it is imperative to maintain a proper commercial HVAC maintenance schedule. It ensures the building stays warm on those frigid winter days.

 High energy consumption equipment results in a larger expensive. With an efficient heating and cooling system, you save money. Likewise, having a professional inspect and service your equipment is critical for longevity. A regular commercial HVAC maintenance checkup ensures heating units are functioning.

Safety & Efficiency

Our commercial HVAC maintenance ensures safety and efficiency for outdoor HVAC heating units. Likewise, checking for cracks, corrosion, and signs of rust is critical. Furthermore, inspecting the outdoor heating ductwork for leaks is often overlooked. The outdoor unit may require replacement or repair if any of these items fail inspection.

During our inspection, all components of your commercial HVAC system receive an evaluation. This ensures proper operation and safety. Testing starts by checking for unit voltage, condensation leaks, and blower operation. Likewise, visual inspection of the controls and wiring is essential. The thermostat and temperature controller also receives an assessment. If there are problems with these items, it is vital to check all others in the system. By doing so, you ensure that the entire commercial HVAC system is functioning.

Electrical connections can degrade over time and cause premature failure or excessive wear. Electrical connections also contribute to indoor air quality problems and issues. Any time an HVAC system’s electrical connections fail, air quality indoors may suffer.

Proper Air Flow is Crucial

Next, we pay attention to the airflow in your building. We verify that there are no cracks in the walls or windows that need sealing. Also, you should check to make sure that there are no gaps between the floors and ceilings. Cracks and crevices could allow winter snow to enter your building. If you suspect any concern, consult with a heating professional before taking action.

Assessing the ventilation system is a crucial part of commercial HVAC maintenance. We also test the system for leaks and deterioration of ductwork. Likewise, we check air filters, vents, and visual inspection of the blower fan and elements. These two components contribute to the quality of air in your facility.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance addresses significant areas of concern, such as the electrical system. Also, the refrigerant level in your cooling coils gets checked. If you do not have an operating handler, you might avoid expensive repairs. If you have an older building, a new HVAC system installed might be the best option.

Easy Scheduling 24 hours a day!

We make it easy to schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance service calls. Scheduling monthly maintenance is crucial to minimizing a system failure. It is best to contact professionals for your commercial building’s needs. For example, suppose you have a commercial unit, you need professional help. If you lease your space, make sure your landlord has access to the best HVAC repair company.

As part of commercial HVAC Maintenance, we inspect your ductwork and duct sealing. These two areas may be wearing down due to age and exposure to the elements. A lack of proper ventilation can increase the risk of bacteria in your building’s air system. If you notice any signs of this wear and tear, you should have your HVAC system inspected. Our certified HVAC specialist will identify any structural damage or potential leaks. Proper sealing is also essential to insuring against heat loss.

Emergency HVAC Service in Toronto

Whether you need emergency HVAC service for your commercial or industrial building, you can rely on Air Point Heating & Cooling. We are your local resource partner for outstanding, affordable, efficient service. When you decide to call us, we do our best to save you more at every step of your repair.

We are a full-service HVAC contractor in Toronto. Specializing in home installations, maintenance, and repair. Top-quality parts and equipment are all we use for all service calls. All our work gets backed with the area’s best guarantees. Our goal at Air Point is to make it easy for our customers.

Let us take care of your commercial heating and cooling needs today! Call 905-597-4933 or 416-893-4933 for more information on how we can help you maintain optimal climate control at your facility, so everyone stays happy and productive all year long!

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Trust the experts

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