Operations at Airpoint Persist Despite COVID-19

As the extensive and sweeping effects of COVID-19 take over the global news and the world’s attention, we have been experiencing and feeling the same sense of concern, fear, unease and instability. Definitely, in a catastrophe, the mental circumstance of us humans appear just to aggravate the already and indeed tough conditions, turning out as […]

Airpoint’s HVAC Systems for Commercial Use and Medical Marijuana Grow Rooms

Marijuana is among the most valued yields across the United States. The legal growth of Marijuana and Cannabis was worth around 9 billion dollars in the year 2017. Experts suppose that this sector will be valued at approximately 21 billion dollars till the estimated the year 2021. Similar to all other growth-intensive sectors, core cannabis […]

Airpoint Inc Honored with the HomeStar Award Third Time in a Row

Air, Air All Around!Pure, fresh and refreshing air; just as the natural air you breathe in. Air Point Heating and Cooling Inc. set such examples of victory that are hard to achieve by just any other firm in the HVAC sector. It took us great fifteen years of generous efforts, a dedicated management team as […]